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Commercial Movers


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Planning a commercial move can be a tedious and costly process. Between keeping your office functioning and worrying about moving office equipment or your plant running with minimum downtime, it can be overwhelming just thinking about commercial moving responsibilities.

Luckily for you, our Orange County commercial movers here at SafeWay Moving & Storage provide commercial moving services across all 48 states. Our team embodies the spirit of hospitality through dedicated, professional and timely support services for you and your entire office with office relocation solutions that are tailored to your unique needs.

Office Move Checklist: How to Prepare Your Business for Office Relocation


Moving an entire office requires more than just manpower. It means attention to detail, extensive planning and knowledge of an organization’s systems and procedures. No matter where in Orange County or the Greater Los Angeles area you’re relocating your business to, you’ll need a team of experienced and dedicated commercial movers.

Before contacting your office moving company, it’s best to run through a few preparatory steps on the following checklist:

  1. CREATE A TIMELINE: Schedule your relocation based on important dates and make note of them in your calendar.
  2. VISIT YOUR NEW SPACE: Visit your new office or plant space. Ensure that the maintenance issues are taken into account and the appropriate personnel is hired to handle any tasks that need tending to (i.e. painting walls, finishing floors, etc). Take the time to scrutinize and develop a layout as needed.
  3. UPDATE COMPANY MATERIALS: Ensure that all your important documents reflect your business’ new address, phone number and contact information.
  4. DISCARD NON-ESSENTIALS: Get rid of any office clutter that has no functional use. Unusable furniture, desks, chairs, and old decor have no place in your new office space and can be easily discarded. Also, shred any documents that are no longer usable and which may have your former business address on them. If you are relocating a plant, or industrial enterprise, talk to our moving coordinators for extra steps and strategy.
  5. CREATE AN INVENTORY LIST: Prior to relocating, develop an inventory checklist to ensure the complete delivery of all important commercial equipment and documents. Clearly label each box, paying special attention to any that have important documents.
  6. PREPARE THE NEW SPACE: Ensure an easy transition for your employees by setting up gas, water, electricity, phone lines and any other vital utilities prior to relocating. Make sure the movers have access to unloading zones at the new facility and loading areas at your current office. A major office relocation has implications on many of the businesses around your new facility, especially if their driveways or parking spaces are being temporarily obstructed. Notify the surrounding businesses if they will be temporarily blocked.
  7. MAKE MOVING DAY SIMPLE: Distribute enlarged copies of how your new office/plant should be laid out so that the movers can easily place the appropriate boxes with their matching spaces.
  8. TAKE SECURITY PRECAUTIONS: Hire security personnel to keep watch over sensitive materials, like classified documents or computers. Security personnel can also be used to monitor suspicious street activity during the relocation process. The security personnel should be given a list of authorized office employees and movers who are allowed into the new facility as well as the existing one during the moving process.
  9. NOTIFY CLIENTS: Keep your business running and notify your clients of the new work-space. This can ensure your services run without any interruptions. Customers should be kept updated especially if your office will be out-of-service for a few hours or days.
  10. WORK WITH A PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL MOVER: Before planning your office relocation, talk to the office relocation specialists at SafeWay Moving & Storage. We take pride in offering you our expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness when helping corporations shift to new facilities. SafeWay Moving & Storage will protect your office furniture and property by utilizing our packing supplies as well as our clean, regularly-maintained moving trucks. Our wardrobe boxes, belts and bubble wraps ensure your office equipment will be free from damage during your office transition. Need special equipment for large or bulky items? We have that too!

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