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A large city in Orange County that’s home to 350,351 people, Anaheim is a close neighbor to Los Angeles, and is well-known as one of the few places on earth to have a Disneyland park. An average home price of $630,500 indicates Anaheim’s multifaceted nature, with many affordable and affluent neighborhoods, perfect for those who like to tailor their neighborhoods to them. If you want to live in one of the most exciting urban centers in the LA area, Anaheim is a great place to start.

Learned about Anaheim and want to make your home in this great city? Contemplating a move to, from, or within Anaheim? Let a trustworthy Anaheim mover assist you! Doing your move by yourself might initially seem like the way to go, yet there’s a whole host of benefits to hiring a properly licensed Anaheim moving company and letting them do your relocation for you. With proper safety procedures and measures taken to ensure there’s no damage to your belongings, a properly-trained team of professional and insured moving gurus can transform your move from a nightmare into a buttery-smooth stress-free process, be it residential or commercial!

Reliable Anaheim Moving Companies

In Safeway Moving’ first-hand experience, we know better than just about anybody that moving can be a major headache. Packing everything yourself is boring and repetitive, not to mention potentially resulting in heartbreak when one of your family heirlooms is packed incorrectly and ends up getting damaged. Loading everything onto a truck is back-breaking work, sometimes literally! All of this isn’t even mentioning the cost of gas, food, rental trucks, and so on. This can all end up costing you much more than simply hiring affordable Anaheim movers in the first place. That’s why you should call Safeway Moving! We also offer services with our affiliate, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines!

How Much do Movers in Anaheim, CA Cost?

The price you’ll pay is dependent on a wide variety of factors. Some of these factors are, the size and accessibility of your property, the cost of mover-supplied material, number of items moved, distance traveled, and more. The only way to get a reliable estimate for your final cost is to fill out our quote form or call us at 610-314-6868 for a completely free quote.

How to Choose the Best Anaheim Moving Company?

The last thing anyone wants to deal with during something as stressful as a move is even more additional stress added by dealing with untrained amateurs, or maybe even worse. To make sure you will receive the best experience during your transition process, Safeway Moving suggests taking the following steps:

  • See what movers are in Anaheim and check their reviews
  • Verify company’s insurance is valid and licenses are in order
  • Research how experienced they are and how many claims they receive
  • Ensure crew is background checked, properly trained

Safeway Moving has been making moves easy for Anaheim residents since 2007! We’re more than ready to make any move simple and straight-forward. Our excellent Google reviews speak to our professionalism and punctuality, and we intend to continue pleasing our loyal customers!

Anaheim, CA Moving Services

Whether you’re crossing state lines or going down the street, our accomplished Anaheim moving company will help get you settled in your new place.

Anaheim, CA Local Moving

Even if you’re only planning on moving down the street, relocating can be a pain. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, our Anaheim crew is ready to make your local move a breeze.

Anaheim, CA Long-Distance Moving

A cross-country move can be nerve-wracking, so let our expert long-distance movers help you make it easy! With Safeway Moving, your long-distance relocation will be a quick and painless process!

Anaheim, CA Packing Services

Packing got you down? Packing in particular has the potential to be the toughest step of all, so let our professional packers handle it for you!

Anaheim, CA Commercial Moving

Moving a business is a sensitive affair that requires skill and time-saving measures to ensure that you lose the minimal amount of downtime. Have our hardworking commercial movers take care of it for you!

Anaheim, CA Storage

Homes have a tendency to get filled to the brim with all sorts of things that are too valuable to throw out, but are too bulky to be stored in a new place. Our monitored storage units will keep your belongings secure until you want them again!

Believe Anaheim is the perfect home for you? Contact Safeway Moving at 949-639-0330 for a free quote. We’re the most dedicated Anaheim moving company!

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